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Paul Has Fun

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Dec 28, 2022

Renowned DJ Kevin Crown held his R.A.S. (Reggae Afrobeats Soca)party at HK Hall in NYC on Christmas Eve 2022. My friend Mami (previous podcast guest)and I are fans of his and dancehall music. Ricky Platinum and several other DJs played great tunes and even called us on stage. We had a blast!

I love going to dancehall...

Feb 20, 2020

DJs Max Glazer and Gravy hold this party irregularly and its a great time to catch up with friends and meet new people. Loads of dancing, fun times. I love this stuff.
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This is the last party video from Summer 2019 that I will be posting.  ...

Dec 11, 2019

Summer 2019 memories. It's great fun recording friends and events. This party was fun, but man it was hot that day. A lot of Soca was played and that's not totally my thing. Love the good vibes.


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Apr 10, 2019

This is from the last Rice and Peas party from January 2019.    Good times as always.    Thanks to @riceandpeasparty @misterbarnacle @15thparishfilm for the footage.    In the video you will see former podcast guest Mateo.   You can find his interview here 


I love going to dancehall parties,...

Jan 29, 2019

In this video I work on personally growing by doing the uncomfortable thing. A cool dance party ensues.

The party takes place in Kinfolk (94 Whythe Ave., Brooklyn, NYC)on Tuesdays. Follow DJ Gringo on Instagram for more details


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