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Paul Has Fun

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Apr 30, 2021

Welcome back!   On this episode I discuss my eBay 2020 results.   Was reselling last year a bust or a boom?   5 weird and true stories are covered.   Finally a mixtape with tunes from guys romancing girls and much more.

2018 Ebay report 

2019 Ebay report

Apr 18, 2021

I'm 45 years old currently and I sometimes think, what advice would I give my 15 year old self?   Mo from the Reseller Niche podcast returns on this episode and we get into it.

Find Mo and his show here.

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Apr 8, 2021

Tony Polanco is a video game journalist born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He and his family moved to the US in 1987.

My parents are from the same country. Listening to content creators such as Tony, being where he's from, coming of age in NYC, is inspiring to me—having grown up similarly.

I discovered him...

Apr 4, 2021

Jason G and I give a spoiler review of Godzilla Vs. Kong We also talk about our longtime Godzilla fandom.

In the podcast I say that the film is distributed by Universal Pictures.   My mistake it's actually Warner Brothers.   Jason also mentions 'if this movie was released in theaters.'   It actually is, but we both...