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Paul Has Fun

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Mar 28, 2021

I do not consider myself attractive in the TV/society/social media sense, and I recently realized how this is benefitting me; maybe it can do the same for you.

Elizabeth Moss movie reviews


Invisible Man(quick spoiler review) 

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Mar 24, 2021

Mo Fremont and I have a spoiler review of Coming 2 America.   Was it ok, great, or terrible?   Tune in to find out.

I record weekly podcasts with Mo' and they will start slowly appearing on this feed within the coming months.

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Mar 13, 2021

Jason G and I work in the NYC hospitality industry. For the first time in our careers, we've never been out of work for this long. We discuss how this year off has been for both of us.

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Mar 7, 2021

New Mixtape with some 60s, 70s goodness.   Enjoy!




Living In The U.S.A.

Steve Miller Band

Wild Night

Van Morrison

Power In the Darkness

Tom Robinson Band


Fela Kuti, Afrika '70

Do Your Thing

Isaac Hayes

Love and Happiness

Al Green