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Paul Has Fun

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Apr 28, 2017


An upcoming book takeaway will be Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’.   I was listening to an interview where the interviewee credited this book as being a big influence on their career.   

The key subject in the book is what Mr. Pressfield calls ‘the resistance’.   The ‘resistance’ prevents...

Apr 23, 2017


Anne Lamott’s ‘Bird by Bird’. The tagline for the book is ‘Some Instructions on Writing and Life’. A book suggestion I saw Tim Ferriss make in this video. A combination of this book, consistently hearing the benefits of journaling, and James Altucher carrying around his idea pad, inspired me to...

Apr 19, 2017


At my age, I've seen the careers of two of the world's most influential artists come to an end. Michael Jackson and Prince.

This mixtape is a compilation of my favorite Prince songs and some new tracks I've discovered. I've been wanting to put together a mixtape after his passing. Now with the one-year...

Apr 17, 2017


Weird stories I've found online for the week of April 11, 2017.   To read the full articles of the stories covered here please go here 


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Apr 13, 2017


Mike G. and Jason return in this episode to help me breakdown Ghost In the Shell. We review the film right after seeing it on a rainy night in Times Square, NYC. Seeing the movie in 4DX (find out more about 4DX here) was a big factor in this review.

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