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Sep 16, 2020

I watched Netflix's Social Dilemma Documenarty recently. It sincerely has me considering quitting social media or limiting my usage. It's scary to think how algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok keep us on their platforms. It's fun keeping up with friends and their feeds. I consume dance videos on these sites-learning new choreography and promotions on upcoming parties. Film, video game, pro wrestling; social media is my go-to for the latest news on these past times.

But being in an echo chamber, fed only agreeable content based on the posts I'm engaging with, as an attempt to keep me on these networks longer feels wrong. I've been keeping track of my usage, and I spend more time on these networks than I do on my creative efforts, which I feel is my purpose in life.

Also, news reporting, which has become more emotion-based in recent years, is dangerous. It can create anger, confusion, anxiety. I purposely stay off the news 4-5 days a week because it does the same to me.

Some time ago, minimalism attracted me. I was a heavy user of most popular platforms, which had years of my photos and memories. But I deleted my accounts and kept using Instagram and YouTube as they both seem less invasive, little to my knowledge, they aren't.

When the pandemic began, I'd listen to Gary Vee, and he discussed being on as many of these sites as possible. 'This is where people's attention is.' Particularly for a content producer such as myself. He's correct as I notice my behaviors and friends habitually logging hours on these apps on their phones. After watching this documentary, that night, I deactivated all my social media.

I am guilty of being easily influenced by programming I watch on YouTube or TV and have acted reactionarily in the past. After a good night's sleep, I thought, I will keep most(not all)of my accounts. The specific ones where I engage most with others, I'll limit to two days a week.

When it comes to sex, food, and TV, I can overindulge. I'm still actively working on disciplining my consumption in these areas. Social media will be included in this group.

Find out more about the Social Dilemma documentary here The_Social_Dilemma

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