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Oct 13, 2017


This is my review of the Netflix documentary 'History of the Eagles'. 

I fired up Netflix, picked something, let it play in the background. For me a documentary fits that purpose perfectly. Something I don’t have to sit down and watch but I can listen to while I’m doing other stuff. About two hours later I’m lying in bed full on watching The History of the Eagles.

Not intentionally, I’ve heard of the Eagles and have listened to their songs whenever I’d be somewhere that had a classic rock station. I was born in the 70s and raised in the 80s. Glenn Frey I remember more as an actor than musician.
I remember him in Miami Vice, I remember his songs ‘The Heat is On’, and ‘You Belong to the City’.

Anytime I would see Don Henley on MTV I would switch off out of immediate disinterest.

During the 90s VH1 had the Behind the Music series which I always enjoyed. This documentary was sort of that, except it was a 3 hour epic. This was released in 2013. Three years before Mr. Frey passed away in my hometown(?) of Washington Heights, NYC.

This documentary made me really appreciate the sound of The Eagles, the stories of their struggles, their success, their fame. In watching the documentary it made me realize several times ‘these guys sang these songs?’ All the band members being so talented. It made me appreciate Mr. Henley’s incredible voice as well. Himself, Joe Walsh are the standout voices in the band for me.

The documentary follows the same rise, fall, redemption model many of these same stories follow. Watching the performances from the 70s, then from the early 2000s gave me chills. These guys seemed like everyday guys who made their dreams happen. It made me think, man I want to sing for some strange reason.

I’m not a fan of this kind of music but a great story is a great story and I do recommend this documentary.

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