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Jan 31, 2018


In this mini-episode I discuss going 48 hours without my cell phone and what I've learned.   

I sold a couple of items in my eBay store. I'd taken my cell phone with me as I was expecting to speak to my supervisor from work regarding upcoming time off. Got to my storage unit, packed the items which sold and unknowingly left my cell phone behind.

I noticed when I got home about 40 minutes later. Panic came over me. I had work that night, so it was vital for me to get some rest before starting my shift. Was it stolen? Did it fall out of my jacket pocket? That happened this past summer where I was coming out a Lyft ride and dropped it around my neighborhood. Luckily a nearby resident found it. He wanted a reward; I gave him $40. At that time I hadn't put a security code on the phone. My credit card is associated with several apps on the phone. No unwanted transactions were performed thank goodness.

I'm an iPhone user and have never used the 'Find My Phone app. I logged into my Icloud account and found my phone sitting inside my storage unit. I was relieved. On the flipside, I put my tin foil hat on and thought this thing is a tracking device no doubt!

I couldn't get back to the phone immediately due to my schedule. 48 hours later I didn't miss the phone; it's notifications, it's beeps and boops, its glow. I was more concerned about getting messages from friends and not replying back. After a while, even that concern faded away.

On my bus ride to/from work, I habitually check my phone. Social media updates, messages mostly. Not having the device by my side allowed me more time to read a book. Giving my eyeballs a rest from all the screens I stare at day and night Also helping my posture from being hunched over my phone.

A break away from the phone more often sounds nice.

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