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Jul 12, 2016


This is the audio for my very first vlog for this show.   You can see the vlog video here.

In reading Chris Lee's book, his chapter on 'Visualization' very much inspired me.   When it comes to attaining a thing, I've often had a very easy time visualizing myself using the thing.    How I was going to use it, what for, when.  

When it comes to relationships or people I've had a tougher go of it.   When it has come to someone I was very attracted to I would visualize the best of the best situations.   I'd put the person on a pedestal, it would be a little ridiculous.

It's tough to visualize my goals as well.   They change often.    The 5 year plan, the 10 year plan.   It's tough to think that far ahead, but I know constant action in one thing for that period of time will produce results.

I'm hoping visualization can help me in these two areas.

 Click here to check out Chris Lee's Transform Your Life book

What are some examples of how you've used the practice of visualization in your life?

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