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Jul 12, 2016

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 I devoured this book!  This is bigger than the 'Go-Giver' book (where you can find my takeaway special for that book here), and I went through it so fast.   What I mean by that, this is another fantastic book.   The sub heading says '10 Principle of Abundance and Prosperity" and this is exactly what the book gives.   It's what hooked me from the first chapter.

Chris Lee's 'Transform Your Life'. I heard one of the many podcasts he's done with Lewis Howes on his 'School of Greatness' podcast (Click here to see the YouTube video), loved the interview, and instantly was sold on picking up this book.

Chris Lee's website does have very minimal info on it, but it does include his Twitter and Facebook pages.

These were my biggest takeaways from his book:

  • This is part of a quote by Marianne Williamson right before the table of contents, 'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.   Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.   It is our light not our darkness, that frightens us.   We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  Actually who are we not to be?'
  • 'The next time you're having a moment and realize you're not happy, thinking that life is throwing you a curve ball or that things aren't turning out the way you'd like, remember that you still have something to be grateful for.' pg 16
  • 'When it comes down to it, clearing is really not about the other person.   Clearing is about you.   It's about you clearing your energy'. pg 31
  • 'Visualization is a very important principle because it allows us to create not just in our minds, but right in front of us in a concrete way.   Creating a vision is an effective and powerful way of creating awareness toward our declarations and goals, experiencing and connecting emotionally with them, and then attracting them into our abundant and prosperous life.' pg 58
  • Affirmations. 'It is like making a promise with yourself.   Remember, what you think and what you speak creates your reality, so what your doing is creating Kryptonite to the negativity and replacing it with an impenetrable boulder of positivity.' pg 65
  • 'In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength, but through persistence.' a quote by H. Jackson Browne in the book in the beginning of chapter 8
  • 'Marriage requires persistence.   You make a declaration on your wedding day and choose this life that you want to lead, but if you don't choose that life tomorrow, next year, or ten years from now, the marriage you wanted to create might not be your reality' pg 82
  • 'Surrendering is not resigning.   Surrender is flow.   It's letting go of self-criticism and judgment.   It's trusting that life is as it should be and everything is a blessing.   Be in the flow.' pg 96
  • 'If there is going to be love in my life, it is up to me.   If I want more enthusiasm in my life it is up to me.   If I want joy in my relationships, it is up to me.' pg 104
  • 'I hate to say the words 'get rid of,' because people are not disposable.   But I have shifted away from a lot of people in my life who were toxic.   Some of them had the biggest breakthroughs because I was no longer available for them.   Because of that, they started taking inventory in their lives and they shifted.   They had a huge breakthrough, and now they're back in my life, bigger and better than ever before.' pg 115

As you can hear, this material I consider gold.   There is much more in the book.   If any of this resonated with you, pick up Mr. Lee's book on any of my affiliate links on this page.  It will support myself and the author.  

Thanks for reading/watching.   Which of my takeaways spoke to you the most?   Please comment on the blog.


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