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Sep 6, 2020

Not all of Christopher Nolan's movies are god's gift to cinema. I watched Tenet last night, and it was satisfying, and it wasn't.

Great to be back in a movie theater after being closed several months due to the pandemic. Thank you, state of New Jersey. 25% capacity, I was only one of six people in my 8 p.m. showing.

Tenet was hard to follow. I felt I needed subtitles to understand all the dialogue between characters. I didn't understand why the protagonist, played by John David Washington(who's voice sounds so much like his dad's-which is cool), had to do X, Y, or Z(no spoilers). Also, the music and sound effects were so loud at times.

Which other Nolan movies did I feel where good but not great? Dunkirk was hard to follow; I eventually fell asleep while watching it but found the ending satisfying. The Dark Knight Rises doesn't wrap up its antagonists very well and feels overly stuffed.

Besides these three films, I've enjoyed most of this fantastic director's work. Whenever he's producing a movie, it's an event for me. I've watched almost everything he's directed since Memento(I haven't watched Insomnia with Robin Williams or the short documentary Quay).

With Tenet, I realized he enjoys themes with time, which he uses in Inception and Dunkirk.

Tenet, a good, loud movie but hard to understand.

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