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Jan 20, 2018


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Tim Ferriss interviewed Alice Little on his podcast. Alice Little is sex worker employed at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. They had a very eye-opening conversation regarding sex.

Sex education from experienced individuals always intrigues me.

Since young, I often enjoyed the programming on HBO. The Real Sex show was enlightening and had eye-opening segments. I'm assuming the show was popular and encouraged the network to have other sex-documentary style shows. 'The Cathouse' was born which I'd seen a couple of episodes. The show displayed the lives of the escorts who work at a legal brothel. That being the Moonlite Bunny Ranch where Ms. Little is employed. You can find out more about the show here. She is a recent addition to the Bunny Ranch(since the show was on the air)and according to her bio is one of the more successful contractors employed. The bordello's website has her as the 'Starlet of the Year' 2017.

These are some of my takeaways from Mr. Ferriss interview of Alice Little.

-The Moonlite Bunny Ranch sounds expensive. It is a very personalized experience. Online forums, casual interview with a sex worker during negotiations, a meal with a sex worker, girlfriend experience, loads of communication, touching, kissing massages. Lots of options at the Moonlite.

-Ms. Little has some great quotes like 'sex is a dance,' and 'Sex is more than cumming.'

-She also says men like a lot of variation during foreplay, Women prefer the same consistent movement

-In a three-way (a couple involving a third being the sex worker), Ms. Little likes to have the woman orgasm first. To relax them. Use 1-2 fingers for clit stimulus, in a same rhythmic pattern. A preferred device is the Magic Wand.

-She also encourages using condoms with sex toys.

-Herself and her co-workers act as sexual surrogates at times. Nonmonogamous consent is often due to the illness of a partner.

-Alice says society favors women when it comes to sex and relationships. There are many men not being sought after by women causing there to be many male virgins in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s.

-The most significant lesson she's learned about men; the public at large misjudges men by placing expectations of masculinity. In turn, preventing them from expressing themselves sexually or emotionally. This reminds me of Lewis Howes 'Mask of Masculinity' book interviews. Mark Manson talking about 'True Confidence' in his book 'Models.' Ultimately these great authors encourage being ok with being vulnerable.

-Ms. Little says one of the biggest turn-ons for men; they want to have sex with women when their eyes are open, focusing on them.

- Seeing sex workers irregularly can be cheaper than getting married. I found this fascinating.

- Porn is destroying real-life connections with people. Men are killing sensitivity in their genitalia by masturbating too hard. She suggests using a Fleshlight instead(I personally use the Tenga Flashlight).

- Excellent blowjob notes for the person giving the BJ; staring at the receiver, cupping balls gently. No biting. Men’s favorite position while receiving is two girls providing fellatio while he is standing.

- Placing a hand on the base of the penis with some minor pressure gives the sensation of body weight/force.

- Finally, Mr. Ferriss asks her, if she had a billboard what would it say. Her answer was ‘sex is a need not a want.’

Recently I've made the transition from actively trying to date, to just paying sex workers. This conversation makes me feel better about that decision. It's on my schedule for the most part, and I spend less money dating. There is a lack of deep intimacy and trust that I may yearn for over time, but right now I'm happy with the decision.

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