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Nov 8, 2017


This week we have:

A. Stranger Things Season 2 Review…there are spoilers!

B. 5 Weird Stories. The stories covered(with links):

1. Man Reduces 3 Ft Penis.
2. Woman Missing for 42 years Found.
3. Corpse Rushed to Hospital After Showing Signs of Life at Funeral.
4. Naked Restaurant in Paris.
5. Womb Transplant Can Allow Men to Birth Babies.


C. Movie Soundtrack Mixtape for Nov. 2017


1. Stranger Things 2-Kylie Dixon-’The Return’
2. Stranger Things 2-Kylie Dixon-‘Descent into the Rift’
3. Blade Runner 2049-Hans Zimmer-‘Blade Runner’
4. Thor: Ragnarok-Mark Mothersbaugh-‘The Revolution has Begun’
5. Thor: Ragnarok-Mark Mothersbaugh-‘No One Escapes’
6. Power Rangers-Brian Tyler-‘It’s Morphing Time’
7. Justice League-Danny Elfman-‘Hero’s Theme’


D. Finally, listening to a recent episode of Robin Sharma’s podcast titled What it Takes to Create a World Class Company (which you can find here, reminded me of my ONE thing. Here are my biggest takeaways from that book.

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