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Aug 10, 2023


I've attended many Reggaefest parties, including a couple of Yacth Fetes and 2022's Blaze party by South Street Seaport.

Epic League and CJ Milan have taken this party on the road with stops in Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, and Toronto. I believe in this brand and can see a future where it goes to Latin America and Europe—potentially even a multi-day cruise.

My favorite thing about the party is the format. The party is called Reggaefest, and they mostly play Dancehall. There's also Soca, Afrobeats, a little Reggaeton, and Ampiano as of this year.

They played Hip-Hop in the early ReggaeFest days(a few years ago), but I prefer they don't. Many other parties call themselves Reggae this and Reggae that, but they play close to an hour of hip-hop—false advertising on their part.

I also love that there are hardly any performances. Great DJs and great music keep us dancing all night long.

Having attended this party for some time and spending my hard-earned money to do so, I have a couple of criticisms.

New York Reggaefest has gotten stale.  

Their fabulous DJ lineup keeps the vibes going, but they play the same songs at each party. A playlist that changes very little.

Another criticism is the same venues all the time. Stage 48 is the main culprit.

As a fan, I'd like to see a guest DJ at the monthly parties and different changes of venues. Let's do one month in SOBs and one in Irving Plaza—a day party at Knockdown Center or the Elsewhere space in Brooklyn.

I wish the Reggaefest team continued success, but I haven't attended as many of their parties this year because of this stale feeling. I'd love to continue going, but please give me more variety.


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