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Jun 22, 2016

Mr. K from the Dancin' Squad.  He is one (of two) of my main dancehall mentors.   We discuss his upbringing in NYC via Harlem and especially the Bronx were the crew (Dancin' Squad) has made their name.

We also chat about comics books, Hip Hop, house music, DJing, legendary nightclubs like Act 3 and The Fever.   Dance and the passion we both share for social/party dancing is definitely covered.   I ask how was the Dancin' Squad formed?  Where did the name come from?  How did he meet Fredlox and past/present members of the crew?


Hear about the time Fredlox once challenged dancehall pioneer Bogle in a Bronx nightclub.   And finally how the squad once had a dance/battle/session with the Black Eyed Peas crew (minus Fergie).


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Thoughts, comments, opinions.   Please do so below.   Thanks for watching/listening.  Check out for more.


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