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Mar 14, 2017

YouTube Red vs. Podcasts as a research tools, education or entertainment. Youtube Red offers a feature which allows you to to listen/watch videos offline. A wi-fi signal or cell service is not required after you download the YouTube content.   You can also watch/listen to the material with the screen off, in the background, similar to how one would like to music or a podcast on their device.


Youtube as a whole is one of the biggest search engines in the world.   I’m currently getting back into Kindle publishing and there is plenty of info on YouTube that is short and to the point on the topic.   Podcasts are great too. They tend to be longer and more in depth.   Often, content on YouTube is not available in podcast form.   I’m thinking people put out content on the platform as there is no monthly costs associated with doing so where with podcasting there is hosting, managing a website, etc.


I wish I would’ve signed up earlier to YTR.   I’m learning so much and videos are easily accessible.   Doesn’t mean it's always the best content.   Sometimes it must be vetted.  Make sure it’s not just someone ranting or giving a skewed opinion.   Which can be helpful or a waste of time.   


This is also another reminder that I personally like quicker/shorter content.   In my own podcast I did an experiment recently where I tried to put together a bunch of various content (of my own)into one big episode.   That was fun, but took a lot of work.  I went back to bite sized chunks.  It’s quicker, and I can release 2-3 episodes per week, that’s my goal I’m working towards anyway.


Quicker, shorter content on YouTube is great and simple to digest.   The main reason I like audio, it doesn’t have me sitting down in front of the TV for hours. I can do other stuff.    Freeing me up to to at least two things at a time.   Walk, exercise, cook.   These are normally the other activities I’m doing while listening.   YouTube Red, great investment.   Podcasts I’m so grateful for and will continue to utilize.    


Another tool I have utilizing lately is the Echo Dot.   Particularly for research.  I put up a video on how I do so which I will link to in this blog post/show notes/description for this video.   A combination of the Alexa app, the Text to Speech feature, and the Kindle app make for tremendous reference instruments.   


One example, I will buy an ebook on Amazon.   It will be available on the Kindle app in my Ipad.   I will open the Alexa app associated with the Echo Dot.   Open the Kindle subsection in the app menu.   Open the book I just purchased.   The Echo Dot will use the Text to Speech feature and begin reading the book aloud. It’s similar to listening to a podcast or YouTube Red.   If I hear something interesting I may want to use for a book takeaway, I will say ‘Alexa pause’.   I will open the Kindle app on the Ipad, select the book being ‘read’.   It will jump to the current page Alexa would be currently on.   I can use the highlight tool within the Kindle App to highlight that particular part of interest.   Making it easier to go back to at a later time.


I love this feature!    Moving forward I will be encouraged to buy more eBooks. Maybe even the official audiobook version, buy the eBook version and do the same as the audio version is being ‘read’ aloud by Alexa.


What are some ways you research or look up info with current technology?   I’d love to read/hear what you have to say.


On an unrelated note, all this audio content from podcasts and YTR is what inspires me to write.    How can I include the entertainment podcasts I love listening to, into my daily writing?   How can I use that for content?   The thing is, by the time I put out the podcast/video/blog post, the stuff I heard on that particular podcast may be outdated.    Something to think about.   A possible different direction for the future.    That way I’m putting all this entertainment news I’m listening to, to use.   An idea we can all use.


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