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Paul Has Fun

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me.

Sep 6, 2016

1100+ downloads to date!   Thank you all for the incredible support.   It is definitely appreciated.  I also have my first giveaway.   The first person to comment on this post with your email, tell me what you like about the podcast, and I will mail the scanner to you (U.S. residents only please).   It is a Socket 7Ci Scanner, it works just fine, but does have some cosmetic wear.   See pics of the scanner on the blog for this particular post.   I originally used it with Asellertool's FBAScan.

Moving forward most of the music made on the podcast and vlog will be produced by myself.   I've been toying with Isequence on the iPad.   It's made by Beepstreet and works tremendously.   I'm still learning how to use it.

Another podcast change...episodes will be shorter.   The maximum length being 20 minutes.   Between a full time job and editing podcasts, episodes are taking longer to be published.   I'd like to speed that up and get it out to you loyal listeners sooner rather than later.

I apologize for the audio quality on some of the previous episodes as it hasn't been consistent.   I am working on improving that.

What is this podcast/blog about exactly?   With several episodes in I'm finding my groove.   This podcast has:

  • an entrepreneurial slant.
  • a self development slant.
  • a (artistic)creation slant.
  • an education slant.

On this podcast I have and will continue to do:

  • movie reviews.
  • DJ mixes.
  • biggest takeaways from books read.
  • podcast and video recommendations
  • talk about my dreams, aspirations, inspirations, wins and fails.

I was thinking about doing TV show reviews, but I'm trying to watch less TV and listen to more podcasts.

My dream is to make a living from this podcast/blog.   My long term goals.

  1. Make anywhere from $4000-5000 per month.   This is all I would need to live comfortably.
  2. Move away from the northeast for the winter months.
  3. Have a laptop lifestyle where I can do this business from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

That's its.   Reading Ramit Sethi's Ramit Sethi’s ‘The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home’ , coaching may be a step in that direction.   We shall see what time tells.   Either way I'd like to hear from you.   You my dear listener is where the power lies.   You will dictate to me what it is that you want from me and I will try my best to service that need.

I'm very much in an artistic space right now.   Creating gives me life and is one of the reasons I think I'll be able to do this podcast/blog for some time to come.   Lately I've been taking loads of pictures and some video.   I put out a vlog recently that has some memories from this past summer, you can see that here.

Speaking of vlogging, I dread the winter months due to the weather.   Watching a recent Casey Nesitat video may of changed my mind a bit.   In the video, a bad rainstorm approaches.   He puts on some slippers and a garbage bag and runs out into the rain to grab footage(for his vlog)!   I thought, I can do that.   I'm looking forward to bad weather days.

Finally, I've written a poem!   It's called 'Hector loved himself way too much!'   I will be making a separate blog post for that bit of content.

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