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Aug 28, 2016

Admittedly I've tried to seek out people to interview for this podcast/blog.   Selfishly thinking that if I interviewed these people that would bring more subscribers and downloads.   People in my eyes, who I considered influencers, role models.   People whom have inspired me and continue to do so.   They would agree to do the podcast,   I offered to work around their schedule.   After that they wouldn't either respond or have to reschedule without actually rescheduling.

Listening to a recent podcast episode from Dave Jackson's School Of Podcasting (click here to hear the episode) and reading this book ('Stop Chasing Influencers' by Kimanzi Constable & Jared Easley) seems like serendipity.   In the podcast, Dave talks about how we (podcasters) chase that elusive interview that we hope will bring us some major attention.   In many cases, that unicorn interview doesn't have much of an effect on downloads at all.   In his interview with Dave Hooper; they discuss Mr. Hooper's podcast style.   He basically talks and give a lesson in the end.

Reading this book, in conjunction with hearing this podcast has shown me the light.   I will continue to build this thing known as, and when you the reader/listener/viewer and I begin having a conversation about what it is you like, then I will bring you more of that.   I'm here to express myself on this blog and also service you with this material in any way I can.    With all this said, I may not be chasing as many interviews moving forward.

This book, similar to Rachel Jonat's Do less book, where you can find my biggest takeaways for that here, has a load of actionable steps.   How to go about getting booked for speaking, TV.   How to go about guest posting on websites with large followings.   How to become a coach, book your own conference and much more.

My biggest takeaways from this book doesn't cover these areas, but more of the stories and point of views from the authors.   Here they are.

  • 'Our advice is to save your money and focus on building traffic and email subscribers.   That's what builds your business to the point that it can support your family.' pg 30
  • 'If your going to buy a program or course, make sure there are live office hours so you can get specific questions answered.' pg 32
  • 'Serve your audience and deliver incredible value.   Helping those you serve is what makes you successful.' pg 72
  • 'You are your own key to success, not a shout-out from someone on top.   Choose yourself and believe in your success.   Success starts with the right mind-set.   Success means living a happy life.' pg 74
  • 'There's no need to chase influencers; but if you do, just realize it takes time and work.' pg 173
  • 'To be successful in anything, you have to pay your dues.   Don't be like everyone else looking for a shortcut.' pg 173
  • 'Yes, most people do give up, but you don't have to be most people.' pg 186
  • 'Instead of focusing on the big changes you want to make, focus on waking up and doing what you have to do that day.   As you take it one day at a time, you'll look up after a while and realize you're there.' pg 191

By purchasing this book through my amazon link you will be supporting the authors and myself.   What were your biggest takeaways from what I've mentioned?   Have your read this book?   Your thoughts, please comment on the blog.

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