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Jul 25, 2016

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Star Trek Beyond!   Great movie with a weak villain.   Incredible special effects, many classic sounds from the original series (transporter, communication devices, sounds from the bridge).   The rotating camera work by Justin Lin was fun as well.  I felt the main crew each got a lot of love in this film except Uhura, I felt she didn't have many lines.   Neither the villain, which was Idris Elba.   He was physically imposing, acted well, but didn't have much.

Justin Lin did a fantastic job with this movie.  I hope he returns to direct the next one.

Saw this movie with a few of the boys and here are there final scores.

David scored this movie and 8/10.   Myself, Jason, Mike scored this movie a 7.5/10.

Here more about our scores in this episode.   Have you seen the movie?   Do you agree/disagree with our review?   Thanks for listening!

Find out more about Start Trek here.

Based on the this article from Screencrush, here are their top 4 Star Trek films to date.

  1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  2. Star Trek (2009)
  3. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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