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May 3, 2018

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I wanted to give my eyes a break from looking at screens all day.   I also wanted the same from all the violent video games, movies, tv shows.


I thought to buy a few graphic novels at my nearest comic book shop.   Midtown Comics in NYC by 40th st and 7th ave. was the place to go.   The three books I purchased were Snotgirl volume one, Black Science volume one, and Bingo Love.


Bingo Love was the slimmest of the three.   The cover tells you it's a lesbian love story between two black women.   On a recent Sunday night after work, I caught up on the most recent episodes of Ash Vs. Evil Dead and the Walking Dead.   I didn't want to go to sleep with zombie images on my mind.


I picked up this book and began reading it.   Bingo Love had me quickly emotionally invested.   Smiling, crying, laughing.   All within a 40-minute read.   What a beautiful love story.   The comic book format is a fantastic medium to tell a(written)story you'd find in a traditional book.


The main characters are Hazel and Mari.   I found myself rooting for their forbidden love to be recognized.  The art style is a mix between an anime style and the Scott Pilgrim comics.  It fit the story well.


I don't want to give away too much of the book's story but if you want a feel-good graphic novel?  Bingo Love is it!   Whatever author  Tee Franklin does next, I'm in.   I hope it's in a similar format. 


Bingo Love graphic novel.   Pick it up here 

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV Show 

Walking Dead TV Show 

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