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Paul Has Fun

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Jan 25, 2024

This episode contains all podcast audio from July 2023-December 2023.

Episodes collected are(with links to the original podcasts):

1. Is NYC Reggaefest Becoming Stale?

2. The Flash-$269 Million Later-Spoiler Review

3. Was The Equalzer 3 A Horror Movie? Spoiler Review

4. Ed Mylett's book 'The Power Of One More." My Favorite Quotes

5. My Biggest Takeaways Volume 2

6. Comic Book Recommendations  November 2023

7. My Favorite Browadway Shoes of 2023

8. Dance Mixtape December 2023

9. Godzilla Minus One-Spoiler Review

10. My Experience with using, OkCupid,

Click  here for the first 'All 2023 Content, January 2023-June 2023.'

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