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Paul Has Fun

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Nov 20, 2020

I'm attempting to make longer podcasts.   These are the topics covered on this episode.

  1.   What have I been watching?
  2.   eBay Update.  What have I recently sold?
  3.   DC Comics 2008 Final Crisis graphic novel review-     SPOILERS
  4.   3 Weird Stories for this week.
  5.   My Biggest Takeaways from ‘Treating Pornography Addiction’ by Dr. Kevin Skinner
  6.   Speaking with my friend Cary regarding growing older and not choosing to have children.

Here's an affiliate link for 'Treating Pornography Addiction' book 

Links to the weird stories

  1. Bats Drop Dead 
  2. Monkeys Chain-smoking 
  3. Shoppers Won’t Go Vegan 

Podcast that I referred to regarding eBay..

'Scavenger Life' 

..regarding porn addiction

Porn Reboot podcast 

Porn Addictions and Sex Afflications podcast 


Check out DC Comics Final Crisis(affiliate link) 

Find out more about the Wayne TV show here 

Find out more about Blood of Zeus here 



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