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Apr 25, 2018


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I wanted to talk about what's been going on with me lately.

1. I've contemplated leaving my current job and working from home.
....I like the people I work with. The job itself is excellent. I"ve been doing front desk work close to 20 years, so the work is pretty much the same. The commute from home to work is the quickest it's ever been. A few months ago I discovered the Rat Race Rebellion website. They promote various work-from-home opportunities. This intrigues me. I want to try this for a time. I'm contemplating leaving my current situation now or waiting a year, then making the jump. Everyone says it looks better on the resume if you stay at a place for at least a year. I'm leaning towards waiting a year. The pay rate of the jobs offered on Rat Race Rebellion does not pay as much as my current job. But my transportation and dry cleaning costs will be significantly reduced. Looking to work from home? Check out this site.

2. My mother and I haven't been talking as much
...My mom had a health scare recently. She was in the hospital for a couple of days. My older brother and sister live in Arizona(that's where my mom lives). There were by her side along with my niece. My younger brother who lives in Yonkers flew out to be by her side. I didn't go. I took solace in knowing they were all present. I thought 'with everyone there will she need me there?' I kept phone contact with my siblings throughout this time. I spoke with her a few days after she was released.

She was upset I wasn't there. We both said hurtful things to each other. It didn't help that shortly after this medical scare I went on my trip to Jamaica. A trip I planned for months before. She made me feel as if I chose that over her. Because of this, we haven't been talking as much lately. This hurts.

Our relationship on the whole; we get along, but we disagree often. We can both be very stubborn. I have some resentment towards her, but on the flipside, I'm very proud of her. She did so much for us(my siblings). But isn't that what parents should do? Do I have to repay her back for what she's done for me? I tried justifying this current situation with her by secretly surveying co-workers. I'd asked them 'in your death bed, who do you want by your side? Your mother or your wife and kids?' My male co-workers chose the latter.

I love my mother; I want her to be happy and healthy. But I've never been one to call family(or friends for that matter)every week or spend every holiday together. I'm ok with seeing family and friends every once in awhile. While my mother and I were going back and forth, she did say something that I do want to explore further. Seeing a therapist. She said that I have a lot of stuff I have to get off my chest. Unresolved issues from my parent's divorce when I was a child. An appointment to see a therapist been set.

3. I've begun tattooing motivational quotes on my body
......With all these great books and podcasts I listen to, I'm attempting to remember these incredible lessons. The two I've done so far; 'Ego is the Enemy' inspired by Ryan Holiday's book(of the same name). The second tattoo I've gotten says 'I Love You So Much.' This was influenced by Kamal Ravikant's 'Love Yourself' book. More to come.

4. Backpage has been shut down. Variety in escorts is way down.
.....As of this writing, Backpage has been shut down by the FBI. I miss using it for escort services. Various reports I've read online said it was closed due to accusations of child and sex trafficking. From the time I spent on the website, I never saw anything that dealt with either. Was it done covertly? Maybe. The sex workers I met through the website were not underage, One of my goals for the year was to not have a girlfriend. To solicit sex workers and get my intimacy needs met. So far so good there. Other websites are available, but with fewer options than Backpage.

5. I once again re-purchased most of my video equipment.
...Within the last year, I've purchased and sold the same stuff several times. My justification at the time, 'I'm not using it right now, sell it.' I'm on this minimalist kick where I think 'I should get rid of anything I don't regularly use.'Listening to a recent interview with Monica from the 'You Wanna Do What' podcast; she said we're often told to do the thing that we're most passionate about. On the flipside, she has many passions, not just one. She wants to pursue all of them. I loved this because I thought 'I'm the same!'

Recording video is fun. But I don't always get around to doing it. Having my creative tools on hand when inspiration arises is convenient. I'm now in the process of(once again)acquiring all the video equipment. I will make sure to keep all of it this time.

6. With the spring here I've become re-invigorated to try new things once again.
...When it's cold, wet, snowy outside, all I want to do is stay inside. Because of this, I got back into video games by purchasing a PS3 and playing old games I never got to experience. As of this writing, I'm finishing up Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. What a phenomenal game! That being said, the weather is improving. I don't want to stay indoors as much. New things I recently experienced; go-kart racing in Jersey City and a nearby bowling alley right by my place. Also rock-climbing in Hoboken. I thought I could add the rock-climbing and bowling to my workout regiment. I'd love to go check out a shooting range in the nearby future.

7. I realized that this podcast is part blog.
...Lately, I've been putting up a lot more video on the podcast. I want to add dance, vlog, art, photography videos. Maybe more of these life updates as well. This podcast is essentially me documenting my life. I want to delve more into the personal stuff. I'm excited.

-Rat Race Rebellion 
-Dead Rising 2: Off thce Record 
-RPM Raceway Jersey City 
-Bowling in Union City 
-Rock climbing in Hoboken 
-Kamal Ravikant's 'Love Yourself' 
-Ryan Holiday's 'Ego is the Enemy' 
-What is Minimalism? 
-Videos of my Jamaica Trip 2018

-Bingo Love comic

-Dave Jackson interviews Monica from the 'You Wanna Do What' podcast

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