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Aug 14, 2021

Is Free Guy one of the best video game movies ever?   Find out on our spoiler review.   Jason G and Mark join in on this one.   We did this right after the credits rolled.   The audio quality is a little rough in spots.   Thanks for tuning in! 

00:46 Ryan Reynolds brings the fun

01:11 What's the connection between Free Guy and the story

01:34 Westworld comparisons

02:08 Cheesy

02:29 Mariah Carey

0:2:43 Video game triple (movie) feature

03:06 Real life influencers

03:41 Release date changes

04:24 No real conflict-taiko Watiti

05:00 Video game homages

05:23 Ready Player One comparison

05:50 Summer popcorn movie

06:30 Female character-Jodie Comer

07:02 New world trope

07:24 Adult humor

07:37 One of the better video game movies

09:06 One of the better movies of 2021

09:40 Mark's score and final thoughts

11:02 Jason's score and final thoughts

11:28 My thoughts and final score


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