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Feb 21, 2017

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Is it me or does food and digestion just get in the way some time? I think the healthiest diet for me (right now)would be, juices (that I would juice myself), eggs, cheese, butter, nuts, salad. I’d get my vitamins, my salts, fats, roughage (to clean the pipes-meaning go to the bathroom) and I’d be good to go.


I would switch it up from time to time, but that’s it. Food digestion just takes time away from doing things. There so much I want to do, and not enough time. Or am I just a bad schedule-r, it that’s even a term. Podcasts from both Robin Sharma and Brendon Burchard late last year encouraged getting a planner. Robin Sharma said ‘Vague goals lead to vague results.’ I purchased a planner but haven’t opened it up much.


I’ve been eating before going to bed, and it hasn’t sat well in my stomach. I wake up feeling heavy and with the taste of the food still in my mouth. Something else to work on. Always a student never a master. Failures and mistakes are precious and not to be hidden from, or afraid to commit.


Speaking of failures and mistakes, I’m slowly getting things up and running with Kindle publishing, another business I regret quitting earlier in 2016. The ongoing projects I’m glad I haven’t quit on are the podcast and blog. I’ve made so many mistakes on both, have experimented a ton with both. The blog it is becoming pretty robust, full of a couple of years worth of content. There are movie reviews, DJ mixes up there. All the podcast episodes.


My vlog material is there as well. I’m starting to put up artwork I’ve drawn and pictures I’ve taken. I’m turning everything into content to share on Youtube/Facebook/Instagram and Twitter. Turning it over into podcast episodes. Content can be spread everywhere. I will start putting out a section for my kindle books with page samples and audio samples. Now there is also my Shopify site connected to the blog, The power of consistent action and not giving up, this is the result of that and a big win for me. What consistent thing have you been doing for years, that you have become skilled at?


I regret ending those business earlier in the year, but the time I spent in investing in myself, learning the basics of these platforms is serving me now. Getting straight to the point, taking breaks, making less missteps along the way. So in a way, all the knowledge I learned in doing these side hustles (eBay, Amazon, Kindle, blogging, podcasting)has been another big win.


But back to the topic. I love to eat, digestion does get in the way. Some may say the same about sleep. I love to sleep. Sleeping on an empty stomach works much better for me, and I will be getting back to that. Since reading Arianna Huffington’s ‘The Sleep Revolution’, I’ve given sleep much more importance.


Compared to early 2016, I was only getting 4 hours of sleep per day/night. Now I’m averaging 6-8 hours per day/night. I say per day/night because of my overnight work/schedule. Sleep as vital as diet and exercise to one’s health. With all life brings nothing is perfect, all of us are going through our stuff. But staying consistent with the basics and what brings us happiness will keep us on track to make things happen. I don’t always sleep 8 hours, I don’t always eat the best. I don’t always get my daily practice in or even my morning ritual. I don’t always take daily action on my business and creativity. I don’t always take action when it’s time to meetup with family and friends because maybe I didn’t fulfill the other practices I’ve mentioned earlier. That in turn may get me down and I won’t even leave the house. Yeah that happens. Keep pushing forward, know what motivates you, press those buttons, but take breaks too. The ONE thing book taught so many key lessons, one that I’ve noticed in myself, Your power for creativity, a sharper mind, better decisions is at it’s highest when you wake up from a 6-8 hour sleep (in most cases morning time).


Your power decreases as the day continues. Right before going to bed your power will be at its lowest. Decision making power, your will power, choices regarding diet. Please be aware of this.


Here are my takeaways from reading The One Thing.

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