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May 11, 2016

Korie Genius is one of the top Dancehall choreographers in NYC currently(he regularly teaches at the world renowned Broadway Dance Center).  In this episode, I dig into his origins and his love for dancehall.   How he was born into this lifestyle and music.   He is a perfect example of focusing on one thing and becoming successful at doing so.   That one thing being dance, then later teaching.

I also discuss  how he made the transition from teaching part-time to going full time with his passion.   Finally we chat about his future entrepreneurial plans.   I feel this interview is essential especially for anyone who wants to make a full time living doing something you love.   Enjoy this talk with someone who I consider to be one of the humblest dancers I've come to know.

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Here's another related interview with one of Korie's crew members Hanna Herbertson  

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