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Aug 2, 2021

Max and I continue our conversation regarding his life. How he added Soca to his repertoire, controlling the flow of the party, and if his young daughters show any interest in wanting to DJ themselves. This and more on the latest podcast.

Find part one of our discussion here.

I referenced this past interview for these episodes.

The is the 'Reflections of a DJ' podcast Max mentioned.

Book a stay at the Skylark Hotel in Negril.

Find Max's Federation Invasion podcast here.

00:16 Intro

00:38 Adding Soca to his repertoire

07:21 Support the podcast

07:56 Controlling the flow of the party

10:16 Short DJ sets Vs. long sets

13:30 Reading the room

14:20 Lesson learn from DJ Clark Kent

15:17 Feedback

15:48 Interviewing others

16:32 Music Producer

17:14 Businesses in Jamaica 

18:50 Daughters interested in DJing?

20:00 Being a dad

22:00 Any upcoming projects?

24:00 Outro

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