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Apr 9, 2020

Jason G and I both work in the NYC hotel industry; unfortunately, we were recently furloughed due to the Coronavirus. We agreed to keep in touch every week, check-in, share what we're watching or reading(specifically comic books). I asked him, 'have you seen Tiger King yet?' I'd seen it a week earlier and haven't talked to someone to share my thoughts. He told me his wife and daughter were watching it, and while he was doing chores around the house, it kept grabbing his attention.

One week later, he's consumed the entire series, and we are here to chat about it. There are spoilers.

We review this Netflix original based on its entertainment value. Jason compliments the director(Eric Goode)for showing the good and bad sides of the cast; Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Doc Antle. I mention related news I discovered after watching Tiger King. Such as Netflix filming new content to be released in April. Also, Joe Exotic's music being sung by other individuals.

We repeatedly mention our disbelief in the situations presented in this documentary. 'This is crazy, is this real?'

Netflix now displays its current most popular content with a top ten ranking system. Tiger King, on multiple occasions, has been #1(in the U.S.). The Investigation Discovery network has announced a true crime 'spin-off' based on Carole Baskin. Joe Exotic's nemesis in Tiger King. That series will dig deeper into her husband's disappearance, leaving her with millions. A Hollywood adaptation of this story is inevitable.

Hopefully, these streaming services(Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now) will give us viewers more material of this caliber. It will make for a great way to pass the time for all of us either furloughed, unemployed, or sheltering in place.

The next time Jason and I get together we will be reviewing 2018's Overlord.   It's now available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.   You can also find out more about the film and see it here 

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