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Aug 20, 2016

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The ‘Fred Factor’ by Mark Sanborn.   With this book I realized, I enjoy the more personal self-improvement books and not really the ones pertaining to business.   This book definitely plays to both, but more so on the business side of things.

In listening to various entrepreneurial podcasts, two of the bigger points echoed across the board, build relationships and  add value.   This book tells you point by point on how to do that.   These may seem like common sense, but I prefer it to be spelled out and these are my absolute biggest takeaways from reading the ‘Fred Factor’. 

This was another book that was in Evan Carmicheal’s Youtube video 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read.

Here are some golden nuggets from the book:

  • ‘Fred is more likely living proof that there is another less observable competitor:  the job we could have done.   The truth is that we compete against our own potential every day.   And most of us fall short of what we are capable of doing or being.’ pg 14
  • ‘Here’s a mystery:  If you expect praise and recognition, it will seldom come.   I really don’t know why, but life has demonstrated repeatedly that if your motive for doing something is to receive thanks or praise, you’ll often be disappointed.   If, however, you go about doing the right thing, knowing that the doing is its own reward, you’ll be fulfilled whether or not you get recognition from others.’ pg 31
  • ‘The prerequisite for relationship building is trust.   At its most basic level, trust is built on believing that people are who they represent themselves to be.’ pg 46
  • ‘People are flattered when you make an effort to get to know them and seek information on how to serve them better.’ pg 47
  • ‘Good ideas are all around you.   Seek out what the best people are doing.   Watch and learn.   Then adapt and apply.   The last statement is the key.   If you just copy what other capable people are doing, you’ll only do as well as they do.   The key is to adapt, to take good ideas from every source and then apply them with your own special flair.’ pg 66
  • ‘Over time, the one-a-day principle will turn your mundane life into an extraordinary life-and it will do the same for others as well.’ pg 67
  • When you don’t see much meaning in what you do, you won’t bring much value to what you do.’ pg 83
  • ‘Those who do the best teach the best.   The man or woman who can demonstrate a lesson with his or her life most powerfully impacts others.’ pg 94

This is a book I will reference depending where I am in my business.   Reading this book has shown me where my customer service skills should be.   I’ve noticed slight changes in my work behavior especially at my job, it being that of a front desk clerk in a hotel.

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Thanks for reading/watching/listening.   What where your biggest takeaways from what I’ve mentioned?   Have you read the ‘Fred Factor’?    What did you think?  

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