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Jul 5, 2016

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I’m actually reading books now.   Something I hadn’t done since high school.   I heard Brian Tracy YouTube video saying ‘reading is exercising the brain’.   That motivated me to begin reading more often.


It began the summer of 2015 when I found Tony Robbins Unlimited Power book while I was out sourcing for items to resell on eBay and Amazon.   I was around when he had those 30 minute infomercials during the 90s.   Those sold me hook, line and sinker!    I purchased his Awaken the Giant Within book around the time but never finished it.   It took me about 6 months to finish the Unlimited Power book and it was fantastic.   I’ve read about 4 books now (all small/slim books so far) and I’m currently reading the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.


But before that I finished reading Rachel Jonat’s Do Less.   A Minimalist Guide To a Simplified, Organized, Happy Life.   These were my biggest takeaways from the book.   Here are quotes from the book with page numbers.

  • ‘The truth is, having everything has never made anyone happy.’ pg. 108.


  • ‘If you’re not happy with your life before you spend a lot of money on your dream kitchen with the subway tiles and granite countertops, you probably won’t be happy after.   It sounds cliche, but spending money and buying things doesn’t bring happiness.   But having what you want-what you truly need for wellness and the time and focus to do things that really matter to you-that is the recipe for a contented life.’ pgs 108-109.


  • ‘Remember what’s free.   Sometimes it is hard to see all the fun that can be had with out spending a dime.   As you scale back spending, make a list of the no-cost fun in your life.’ pg 128.


  • ‘How to be rich without a lot of money.   A key tenet to minimalism is to maximize what you do have for the greatest effect.   If you have your health, great friends, and burning creative aspirations, use them as your barometer of wealth instead of money.’ pg 130.


  • ‘It’s so tempting to think more is better when in fact more complicates your life’ pg 161.


I want to implement these points into my life right away.


This book gives many practical steps to live a minimalist lifestyle.   If your new to minimalism this book is a great first step.   Find out more about Rachel Jonat on her blog here.

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