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Feb 20, 2018


Last year I heard a couple of interviews with Jesse Itzler. He was promoting his book 'Living With A Seal.' The gist of the book, do the hard, uncomfortable thing. Do the thing that scares you. This is where personal growth happens. I was motivated by this and looked to challenge myself. Here are three of ways I did so.

Naked Yoga

Being publicly naked I thought, I have to try this. As with all of these activities, I was very intimidated at first. I didn't want anyone staring at me. I kept my gaze straight forward most of the time during the class. I did sneak a few peeks as we changed positions. After a while, it wasn't so bad. I've done it three times to date and have enjoyed it each time.

Rejection Therapy

The group organizers had a list of activities we were to do in public. Then, in turn, our unaware test subjects(i.e. 'the public') would tell us 'no.' Ridiculous activities such as asking someone out on a date, hugging a stranger, ask for a selfie with nearby shoppers. I went out with a group of other gentlemen who'd done this before. This put me at ease. I've done this activity one time but look forward to revisiting it sometime this year. I found both Rejection Therapy and Naked Yoga on

Teaching a dance class

Most of the people who follow me on social media know me from dancing. I've been dancing socially at parties since I was 15. I thought why not capitalize on this and teach a dance class. Dancehall specifically. I taught a solo class 3 years ago, and 1 person showed up. This crushed my confidence and turned me away from attempting this again. A burning feeling started to emerge in late 2017. When I would dance practice at the gym, I visualized myself teaching. I bit the bullet and decided to commit. 3 friends showed up this time, I was flattered. I feel it went well.

These 3 activities have bolstered my spirit of adventure. They've made me mentally stronger and more capable of facing (most)upcoming fears head-on.

I bunch problems into this same space. Work problems specifically. I'm changing my focus to look forward to them as opportunities to test my skills and learn new solutions to old challenges.

2018 is going to be great.

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