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Improve and Have Fun


Formerly known as ‘The P-V-P Show’. I’m a podcaster documenting my journey as I’m consistently trying to improve myself and have fun along the way.

My hope is to INSPIRE YOU to SHARE YOUR JOURNEY and show how you can HAVE FUN sharing your unique point of view.

On this podcast I discuss self improvement, random observations in my life. For fun I enjoy documenting weird stories I find online.
For fun I put together mixtapes with current favorite songs. I also enjoy reviewing movies and tv shows.

Finally I take pleasure in discussing and sharing the biggest lessons I've learned in a book or podcast I've consumed.

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Jun 27, 2017

There are affiliate links in the show notes.


In this episode:

  1. Dating tips from Mark Manson and Corey Wayne :51
  2. Wonder Woman movie review (SPOILERS) 3:30
  3. My Biggest Takeaways 6:51
  4. Azonto inspired songs DJ Mix 21:30


Wizkid - 'Naughty Ride'

Drake - 'Signs'

Wizkid - 'African Bad Gyal'

Wale, Major Laser, Wizkid, Dua Lipa - 'My Love'

Anik Khan - 'Kites'

     5. Weird Stories 32:25


Here is a link to my movie review of Suicide Squad

Mark Manson's Models.   Attract Women Through Honesty

Corey Wayne's 3% Man

Tim Ferris Interview of Phil Keoghan

MWF Motivation How to Attract Money pt 3

Ray Higdon's Home Business Profits podcast

Find out more about the Wonder Woman movie here

3 Weird Stores links

a. Lions Butchered Into Witchcraft Ingredients

b. Fearless Man mows as Tornado Rips

c. Calf Born with Human Facial Features


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