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Apr 4, 2018

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The three weird stories covered this week:

1. NYC Rats. Uptown Vs. Downtown  

2. Ancient Sunken Roman City Explored 

3. Human Head Transplant 


There is an affiliate link in this article.

The first story, 'NYC Rats, Uptown Versus Downtown.' If you have ever lived in a New York City, you've encountered rodents. I've lived in The Bronx, and I found some ginormous rats there. This article is from www., and this is dated the 1st of December 2017.

"New York is a city of diverse humans, and a Fordham University student team has discovered it maybe the city of diverse rats as well. A study by five researchers found Manhattan's Uptown and Downtown rats are genetically different, as are West Village versus East Village rats. A sampling of 262 Rattus Norvegicus, or brown rat to the layman, were used to find out where the original rats of New York City first came from and how various neighborhood's rat populations were related to each other over time. Across Manhattan, rats exhibited homogenous population origin from rats that likely invaded from Great Britain, the researchers said."

"Since the move over from Europe, colonies of rats have become more tightly clustered to groups staying within a few blocks of a common nest or area. In addition to trapping and measuring the genetic profile of rats, the team also used a crowdsourced online rat map," which you will find a link to in the article, "And it shows a concentration of rats below 34th Street and another group on the Upper West Side north into Washington Heights."

This story made me think of a movie released during the 70s called Food of the Gods were these giant rats were eating people. Check that out here through this affiliate link 

"Between the two groups, Midtown appears to have less to offer rat colonies as bases of residence. In the city's most recent attempts to win the war against the furry vermin, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in July a $32 million plan to reduce the rat population by 70%."

Now, let's go on to the next story, which is, sunken Roman City explored.

This is on As always, I'll leave links to all these articles in the show notes so you can take a look at them yourselves. This is published on the 4th of December 2017. "Baiae was an ancient resort on the west coast of Italy that largely disappeared beneath the waves 1700 years ago. The town in Naples was a resort of choice for Roman's superrich and became notorious for its sprawling mansions. It was a place synonymous with luxury and wickedness, historians claim, a wine-soaked party town. But as the centuries passed, much of it lost to the sea as volcanic activity caused the coastline to retreat 400 meters inland," or 400 miles inland, I'm not sure. It's the UK, so I know they measure things differently.

"Now, the site in modern-day Italy has been rediscovered and open to divers, who found the many treasures still intact. Photographer Antonio Busiello who lives in Naples photographed the site and found that roads, walls, mosaics and even statues had survived the ravages of time. The 45-year-old said, "The beautiful mosaics, and the villas, and the temples that have reemerged or still underwater show the opulence and wealth of this area."

The pictures from this article show how well preserved this underwater city has remained. You can see the images in the video version of this segment which you can find here or by clicking the link to this original story here 

Now, to the third and final story. The headline is 'World's First Human Head Transplant a Success, controversial scientist claims'. This story is on, and it's dated, November the 17th of 2017. "The world's first human head transplant has allegedly been performed on a corpse in an 18-hour operation which successfully connected the spine, nerves, and blood vessels of two people. The operation was carried out by a team led by Dr. Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University in China, who last year successfully grafted a head onto a body of a monkey. '

'Italian professor Sergio Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, who has been working with the team, said they would imminently move onto a living human who was paralyzed from the neck down. He told The Telegraph that electrical stimulation of the nerves proves the operation on the corpse has been successful."

We're living in science fiction movie. It's crazy that these things are happening, and this is what's is reported. Imagine what we, the public, are not being told.

That's going to be it for this segment. As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, contact me, let me know what you think.


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