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I’m documenting my life as I’m consistently trying to improve myself and have fun along the way.

My hope is to INSPIRE YOU to TO DO THE SAME. Life is short, do what you find fun. Do what you love, just because.

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Jun 15, 2016

Hanna Herbertson is a renaissance woman.   Dancer, choreographer, DJ, video editor, to name a few of the hats she wears.   She is also the only choreographer who has been teaching/holding dancehall classes in NYC, for almost a decade.

Hear her story from her beginnings revolving around her adoption and her upbringing in Sweden, her influences in dance.   Her travels, inspirations, struggles and wins she's had in her career so far.

She discusses her group which consists of herself, Korie Genius (previous guest which you can listen/watch here) and History and how successful they've all been in their own right.   Finally she discusses her future plans.

This was a light hearted interview which I very much enjoyed.   I've been taking her classes for some time, and I recommend anyone listening to do the same.


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