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Formerly known as ‘The P-V-P Show’. I’m a podcaster documenting my journey as I’m consistently trying to improve myself and have fun along the way.

My hope is to INSPIRE YOU to SHARE YOUR JOURNEY and show how you can HAVE FUN sharing your unique point of view.

On this podcast I discuss self improvement, random observations in my life. For fun I enjoy documenting weird stories I find online.
For fun I put together mixtapes with current favorite songs. I also enjoy reviewing movies and tv shows.

Finally I take pleasure in discussing and sharing the biggest lessons I've learned in a book or podcast I've consumed.

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Jun 6, 2016

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In this episode I interview Nahum Zak.   A full time reseller who sells primarily on eBay and Amazon FBA.   He's originally from New York City and has relocated to Florida with his family.   A lifelong entrepreneur who was a rabbi for a period of time.


We've both met in the Green Room, we discuss how being part of the group has increased our knowledge and our respective (reselling) games.   Find out more here.


NZ (n-zee for short) grosses around $10,000 per month in his business and imparts a sample of his knowledge in this episode.   We discuss several topics, including his story, his love for reselling.   We also discuss a recent topic that was brought up in the Scavenger Life podcast regarding geographic arbitrage.   Moving away from the big cities for a lower cost lifestyle, but still visiting for sourcing and/or culture.


We chat about happiness/goals and the balance between the too.   When are we working so hard towards our goals that our happiness (in life) suffers.   Finally we breakdown his future plans which revolve around taking his business on the road and his fantastic article which inspired this interview.   I delved into it in a previous episode of the Reseller Rising Podcast.


You can reach NZ at his blog (the Reseller Bible) or his facebook page.


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